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Adult Cams Could Be The Perfect Option For Your Needs Loan A loan for the purchase of a mobile phone. What pays off most?

A loan for the purchase of a mobile phone. What pays off most?

Smartphones stormed the global mobile market by storm. Both young and old people reach for them. It’s a great alternative to traditional key phones. Of course, there is a group of people – especially the elderly – who stay with traditional models. However, the vast majority of mobile phone users have smartphones. The enormous popularity and availability of smartphones has not contributed so far to a significant drop in their prices. On the contrary, new products that appear on the market cost up to several thousand zlotys. How can you finance the purchase of a mobile phone? Is a loan for buying a mobile phone a good solution?

How can I buy a new mobile phone?

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Modern high-end mobile phone is a dream of many a person. Lovers of the latest technologies will do a lot to become owners of new models. The increasingly better camera, advanced features, longer battery life and a number of other options that await users of new smartphones, effectively encourage their purchase.

How can I buy a new mobile phone model?

Usually users decide on:

  • contract with the mobile operator
  • installment purchase
  • non-bank loan
  • loan from family or friends

Contract with the mobile operator

One of the simplest and thus the most popular ways to buy a new smartphone is to sign a contract with a mobile operator. This option accompanies the subscription, mix and prepaid service. Once, the phone could be purchased after paying a certain amount. Currently, however, operators have abandoned this solution in favor of “installments for equipment”.

A monthly amount is added to the invoice. The purchase of a smartphone is therefore spread over the entire duration of the contract with the mobile operator, e.g. 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. However, it often happens that after calculating the cost of buying a phone under a contract with a mobile operator, the total cost of the smartphone is higher than the current market value of the device.

Purchase of a mobile phone in installments

Purchase of a mobile phone in installments

Some stores, both stationary and online, offer the possibility of spreading the purchase of a mobile phone in installments – very often in the form of so-called promotions. 0%. It is a type of loan with simplified formalities.

Unfortunately, not every user can take advantage of this solution. Typically, the store partner is a bank that thoroughly checks potential customers – their credit history, financial standing, livelihood, etc. Some users may therefore be refused a loan and thus will not be able to buy a smartphone in installments.

The biggest restrictions apply to young people employed under a specific task contract, mandate contract or students or high school students who do not have a regular source of income.

Non-bank loan to a mobile phone

Non-bank loan to a mobile phone

Buying a cell phone with a non-bank loan is becoming an increasingly popular solution chosen by customers. Many people are interested in this type of financial product. This is due to the high availability and minimum formalities. Non-bank loans are willingly used by people who for some reason cannot afford to take a loan from a bank.

A non-bank loan is characterized by a smaller number of formalities that must be completed. Loan companies are not as restrictive about certain issues as is the case with traditional banks. For example, incomes from various sources are accepted and taken into account, not just those obtained on the basis of an employment contract, but also pensions, pensions or even alimony and social assistance.

What to keep in mind is regular, timely repayment. A non-bank loan for the purchase of a mobile phone additionally helps to build a positive credit history. This can be of great importance in the future, for example when applying for another loan or credit.

A mobile phone loan from family or friends

A mobile phone loan from family or friends

A less common practice is a loan from family or friends to buy a cell phone. Usually it is concluded orally, but according to applicable law, the parties to the contract should conclude all arrangements in writing. Thanks to such a contract, they are easier to solve in the event of any problems. Please note that some loans from family or friends require reporting to the tax office. Higher amounts are associated with the need to pay tax.

Mobile phone loan – cheaper than buying from an operator

Mobile phone loan - cheaper than buying from an operator

Due to the high competition on the telecommunications market, the cost of calls by mobile phone, sending text messages and mobile Internet has dropped significantly. However, the low level of service prices means that operators have limited opportunities to finance the devices they offer. Typically, mobile networks expect that for newer types of smartphones from leading brands you should pay about $ 1,000 when signing the contract, and the rest of the value can be repaid in installments added to the subscription.

It is worth considering this solution well. Very often it turns out that the price of a given cell phone model is lower in stores than at the operator’s.

Strong competition on the market has meant that the choice of even the cheapest subscription allows the use of calls and SMS with virtually no limit. Mobile operators are looking for other ways to make money. So they try to convince customers to buy cell phones on their network. If users do not have enough cash, the cellular network offers you the option of spreading the purchase price of the device in installments. As it turns out, this is often the most expensive of all possible solutions.

Why a loan to buy a phone?

Why a loan to buy a phone?

It is more profitable to finance the purchase of a smartphone from funds obtained from a non-bank loan. Some loan companies offer a lower interest rate, which automatically results in lower costs than if the device is split into installments with a mobile operator. A non-bank loan does not require any formalities – you can apply online or by phone.

It is true that buying the device in installments directly from the mobile operator does not require any additional actions, but then you should take into account the higher cost of buying a phone.

Some mobile networks also offer banking services with a revolving account limit or loan to encourage you to use their services. In this case, however, you should carefully calculate the costs and check whether the offer is as favorable as the operator declares.

Loan for the purchase of a mobile phone

To receive a non-bank loan for any purpose, including the purchase of a new phone model, all you have to do is apply online or by phone. It is necessary to provide basic data, such as information from an ID card, address of residence and amount of income. Minimizing formalities means that you can receive money the same day. Everything is done in a secure manner.

If the old phone starts to cause problems, the system works too slowly, and the camera does not sharpen photos, it is worth considering buying a new model. Spreading such expenditure into installments will prevent our home budget from suffering too much.