Blog Ideas

Having trouble finding ideas to write about for your blog? Here are some topics to help spruce it up.



Start reviewing your favorite books to share on your blog post. People who love to read will really appreciate a good book recommendation, or a good recommendation of what not to read. If the book has had a movie adaptation, it may be a good idea to find some pictures of it to add to your blog to make it a little more visually appealing, as long as the pictures are available for use. Draw your readers in with enticing images that will encourage them to read the books you recommend. You can start by writing reviews and summaries of various books you have already read and remember well so you have a good amount of content to post up front. Then start reading new books after that to write about. Ask your followers for recommendations as well so you always have ideas coming in that you will be able to use and create more content out of.



If reading that much isn’t really your thing, try the same strategy with movies or tv shows. Do write ups and reviews of your favorite series and documentaries as well. Invest in a Netflix account if you don’t have one already, or Amazon Prime. These will give you access to even more exclusive content that you may not be able to find otherwise. If your followers are giving you recommendations for exclusive content on those platforms, you will want to be able to view it. Neither platform is overly expensive, and you will certainly get a lot out of the enjoyment of the popular movies they have.

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Another thing to review is websites, much like researching different Medicare Supplement plans. There are millions of websites in existence today, many of them absolutely worthless while many claim to be leaders in their industry. If there are any websites in particular that you frequently use, do your followers a favor and tell them about them. Group them into categories of types of websites they might be looking for, for various reasons, and rate a group of popular websites in each category or simply talk about the ones you like to use best. These could be the best websites for getting daily news from, for networking, cooking recipes, music streaming, photography, art, etc. Your followers value your opinion and they may even turn your sites to certain websites you didn’t even know existed.