Fun Topics for Your Blog

Stuck in a rut trying to come up with new content to discuss on your blog? Rather than spend more time researching different Medicare supplement plans, try sprucing up your blog with fresh and interesting content. Here are some ideas that might spark your memory and get the creative juices flowing.


Doctor’s Offices

When people move into a new area or are relocated for work, it might be very difficult for them to find a new doctor. Of course they can check a list of names to see who is in their network covered by their insurance, but a long list of names is no way to pick out a new doctor that you hope to build a great relationship with. If you have experienced multiple doctor’s offices or services in the area, or even if you just want to give your current doctor a great review, write about them on your blog. Ask your followers to give local recommendations as well and start a large dialogue. When people are searching for a new doctor they want to hear names of good ones that people know and trust, not look at a name on a list.


If you have a knack for culinary creativity, share your talents with your followers. People love learning new dishes to surprise their family with and you can have fun adding pictures to your posts to make them even more delicious looking. You don’t have to stick to food, share your favorite cocktail recipes as well. Many people may not know you can make a whole menu full of delicious drinks with only a handful of simple ingredients they might already have in their kitchen. It’s simpler than most people think!

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Since we’re on the topic of drinks, you can’t go wrong making wine recommendations. With millions of kinds of wine available today, from different grapes, parts of the world, styles of wine making, blends of grapes and juices, etc. it is nearly impossible to know everything there is to know about wine. If you happen to be a wine drinker, it is a fantastic idea to keep track of different bottles you have had, good and bad, and tell the world about them. Discuss what food dishes you think the different wines you have tried pair well with. Talk about red wine versus white wine and why you prefer certain kinds over others.