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Misconceptions about loan insurance

Are you going to borrow or already have insurance for your Mr. Numble credit? Beware of conventional wisdom about loan insurance. It is now easier to choose insurance with savings.


Borrower insurance

Borrower insurance

Borrower insurance is not required by French law when a Mr. Numble credit is made. However, it makes it possible to guarantee the repayment of the credit to the lending financial institution. Generally, this is a condition of acceptance for banks . In fact, loan insurance will be essential for obtaining your Mr. Numble credit.

This is an idea shared by most borrowers. There are actually two types of borrower insurance: individual or group. The systematically proposed with the loan is group insurance. Since September 2010, the law Lagarde gives the possibility to choose his insurance . To do this, the contract guarantees must be at least equivalent to what the bank has offered you.

You have the possibility to change your group insurance in individual insurance within 12 months * following the date of subscription of the initial insurance. You can contact a broker who will offer a wide range of insurance tailored to your needs and your needs and guide you in the process of setting up the delegation of insurance . Discover the different conditions of termination.


The insurance offered by the bank with your loan for one purpose

The insurance offered by the bank with your loan for one purpose

To cover all of its borrowers. In fact, in addition to not being adapted, the price is shared. Young and old will pay the same fee. Our advice is to use a loan insurance broker. In addition to offering free insurance with guarantees that will be essential, the price will be more attractive. Following a delegation, the average savings can go up to $ 10,000 .

The AERAS agreement (Insurance and Borrowing with an Enhanced Health Risk) allows you to carry out your projects with complete peace of mind. The criteria to be respected are that the global loan must not exceed $320 000  and be less than 70 years old on the day of the loan maturity. With respect to the insurance that accompanies Mr. Numble’s credit, it is subject to the same conditions. Obtaining the loan with individual insurance and a delegation are possible .

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