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Overdraft Credit Immediately | Requirements for obtaining a current account credit

As a rule, the current account loan is to be repaid immediately. The amount of your overdraft will be tailored to your individual needs. Immediately available; repayable at any time; without processing costs. The credit is usually immediately at leisure. From now on, you no longer have to pay the expensive overdraft interest, only the monthly loan installments.

General information material

General information material

Overdraft is the amount by which you can override your current account. The debit interest is calculated only on the amount of money you use and only as long as you use the loan. To what extent and to what extent a current account credit is granted depends on your creditworthiness.

The current account credit can be adjusted variably depending on your creditworthiness, eg after a salary increase. There is no deadline for the repayment of the current account credit as long as you have fulfilled the conditions for the approval of a current account credit. Thus, in the course of your personal credit line, the additionally gained financing scope is immediately available to you.

As a customer or customer in online banking, you have the option of correcting the current account overdraft via our service form. Debit interest rate: 11.75 percentage points pa Annual percentage of the burden: 12.28 percentage points pa We always want to show our customers the most economic financing options available to them. If you overdraft your overdraft over a three-month period with an average of more than 50% H. of the maximum amount committed, we will point this out to you.

For our customers, who use the current account over a longer period of time, there may be credit products that are more favorable to their specific financial needs. As part of the consultation, more cost-effective financing options are discussed with the appropriate creditworthiness. We inform our affected customers about the consequences of the further use of overdrafts and, if necessary, inform them about other suitable advice centers.

You do not have an overdraft yet and want to perform it?

You do not have an overdraft yet and want to perform it?

You already have a current account credit and want to charge the amount? If you are already a customer, you can do this comfortably on the Internet. Are you a client, but you do not have a current account credit or bank access? What is the credibility? The term creditworthiness refers to the probability that a customer will repay a loan in full and on time.

The creditworthiness of the borrower is an essential basis for Best Bank’s decision as to whether and to what extent a loan can be granted. These are available on terms that are sometimes much cheaper than current account overdrafts.

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