Stock Photo Licensing

Did you know that you could be making money with photos that you have taken or physically own the rights to? With the internet being as vast and connected as it is today, people all over the world are always looking for stock photos to use for projects, websites, presentations, etc. If you are somewhat of an amateur photographer, or just enjoy taking great pictures with your smart phone, why not make a little extra money with them by licensing them out for people to use.


Stock photo websites are everywhere these days. Some of them you have to apply for access to make an account by uploading a portfolio that you have made. Others you just need to create a free account with your user information and start uploading photos right away. All you need is access to the internet, your web browser can be used for more than just researching Medicare supplement plans. Popular stock photo websites that you can create accounts for are Shutterstock, Getty Images, Adobe Stock Contributor, Dreamstime, and Stocksy- give them a try.

Getting good content to upload to stock photo sites can be very easy. If you like to travel, make sure you bring your camera with you wherever you go, or even get high quality pictures right from your smart phone. Take a few extra minutes wherever you go to capture that unique shot that you might not have thought to snap before licensing your photos out. Take advantage of the situations you already put yourself into to get your pictures. If you don’t travel much, take your camera outdoors and take beautiful pictures of nature or city life. Find animal like to snap photos of or nice landscapes you pass by throughout your day.

Each day or each week take some time to look at all the great photos you took and separate all the ones that really stand out to you as fantastic looking pictures. Upload them to the stock photo sites that you have created accounts for, they are free, and sit back and wait for your photos to be used by people craving good content. You will make money off of each one and if you are good enough with your pictures you could really make a decent amount of money doing it. Try to create accounts and upload your content across a whole bunch of platforms to maximize your chances of people coming across your shots.